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Originally Posted by sean76 View Post
Lol...everything in here is speculation.

What everyone is missing is that Google owns Motorola, and with that being said Google see's the Android platform on the same wavelengths as IOS. So why not use your own company to build a Super Phone and brand it the Google phone running your own OS...meaning the actual Google, like the iPhone is the Apple phone. If they do go with the Nexus brand that's fine also, I'm not opposed to that or against anything that's Nexus, I just think Google has bigger plans then just building a cheaply price off contract phone. If anything i'd rather them mirror the Apple way of late and partner with the carriers now and distribute the same phone on every carrier. Whether its the Google phone or the Nexus Phone, or whatever, it will indeed be a flagship device that is designed to make an impact in the mobile industry.

Now this can also swing the other way if Google does in fact come out with they're own wireless carrier which has be talked about for a while now, it was thought that maybe Google would buy Tmobile, but T-Mobile just announced they'd be carrying the iphone , so they're out. In any event, who knows what tricks Google has up they're sleeves. At the moment I'm really happy using my Nexus 4...
The fact that Google owns Motorola bears no practical significance whatsoever. Aside from the fact that Google themselves has come right out and said it the next Nexus device at this point could come from anybody.
Aside from that Google is expanding the AOSP which happens to be the exact opposite from iOS and their proprietary locked down system.

Google changed the game this time around with the Nexus 4. A premium unlocked device at an amazing price. Freedom to finally go wherever you want whenever you want. This in case you haven't noticed is a BIG deal. And you're suggesting Google take 20 steps backwards and help carriers enslave the consumer the way Apple has done?
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