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Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
Well, at least I did not invoke Adolph Hitler, so I get three points for that. Given enough time, Hitler will always be invoked at some point, in all threads, even the cooking ones.

Are you new here? Do you not know that I hijack threads?.
No, you didn't invoke AH then, but you just did. lol. And yes I am a little new here. But no offense meant and none taken. I'm pretty much on your side.

I just wish we could break the barrier of the OTHER folks who just can't seem to get it that more laws and restrictions only affect those that are willing to abide by them (and I'm not afraid of those kind of people). Like you mentioned in your posts, illegal guns will ALWAYS be available to people who wish to acquire them. Automatic weapons are illegal and I could have one by sundown if I truly wished. If we chip the guns, people will simply buy non-chipped guns on the street.

And, really, who cares if a gun is chipped... how will that stop someone from using it to murder someone, especially if they plan to commit suicide at the same time? Don't think I'm preaching to the choir, Bob. I know you've stated most if this already. I'm just trying to reiterate it to the muddled masses. But actually, I really don't think any of them will ever get it. The thirst for vengeance and the need to place blame, especially when the perpetrators end up dead and beyond the grasp of social justice, are extremely blinding factors.
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