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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
It's really, really horrible. A co-worker did point out to me a simple fact. How many kindergartners are there in America today? And we have 18 die in a tragedy. Statistically speaking it's insignificant. Those really are the cold hard facts. As tragic as it is, it's statistically insignificant.

I don't know what the solution is. It's certainly not more laws. It's already illegal to bring a gun on to school property. That law didn't stop this at all. I don't know what other laws would've prevented this.

I really think the problem is the culture we live in. We live in an extremely violent culture that glorifies violence. It shouldn't be too surprising that people would lash out with violence since the culture we live in legitimizes that as a valid response.
Elimination of that "Gun Free Zone" bullchit and allowing, on a voluntary basis, teachers, faculty, and other employees of the public school systems all over the country to train, qualify and carry conceled weapons.

We all know this was not a sane rational person. So where does an insane, irrational person, bent on "making a name" go? Wherever he sees a "Gun Free Zone" sign, knowing it will be 10 minutes AT LEAST until someone can shoot back.

Remember Norway? Very strict gun contol laws. Didn't stop their shooter, who had nearly an HOUR AND A HALF, before the "authorities" could decide what action to take: 2011 Norway attacks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also, Conneticut is one of the MOST stringent gun control states, right up there with D. Feinsteins California. And to say it did no good is stating the obvious.

I won't be buying any new Android devices for awhile.
Allocating disposable income now in defense of the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, purchase of ammunition and accessories for my hunting and sporting rifles and my defensive concealed carry weapon of choice. Already upgraded my NRA membership to lifetime instead of year to year.

I'll see you on those forums, been a pleasure. Will check back occasionally.

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