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Cry Ahh Verizon (sarcastic tone of voice)

Originally Posted by jhawkkw View Post
... If you have an smartphone on verizon, and a limited data plan, you could wifi tether it to the tab to give it data, but this will use your data so watch out. If you have an unlimited data plan, you would need to sign up for an unlimited tethering plan to do this.
The unfortunate reality is that depending on your carrier, if you decide to do this it can cost a pretty penny. Worse yet, if you do it without signing up, you could breach your contract IF they found out, and they could cancel your service. I "dislike" (there are other words i could use) this "nuisance", because of how much we pay out to have service; the least they could do for us is offer it free.

Sorry off the beaten path here...its too bad about the Wi-Fi only version, but YGWYPF.
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