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I bleed purple and gold. When I lived out of state, I paid extra to have NBA League Pass on DirecTV so I could watch the Lakers as if I were back here in LA. Thank goodness I had that option, because otherwise I would've missed out on many years of the incomparable, golden throat Chick Hearn calling the games. (RIP, Chick.)

I'm extremely upset and unhappy about how Little Buss is handling the team. When Dr Buss was calling the shots--even when I disagreed with him--I knew that, *gasp*, he actually knew more than I did about professional basketball. So I'd be pissed, like when they chose to send Shaq packing rather than risk losing Kobe [who was acting like a spoiled brat], but I'd get over it eventually. Now? OMFG. I am beyond pissed off at the way the Lakers had Phil Jackson *THIS* close to being back, and then unceremoniously blew him off and hired D'Antoni instead. If Phil had come back, even in light of the injuries thus far (Nash, Gasol, etc.), I think we'd be doing MUCH better.

And how ironic is it to watch the Clippers...the CLIPPERS for heaven's sake...rolling like they are right now? Whoever thought that people would be talking about Los Angeles basketball, the best team in the league, a 17-game winning streak, etc., and NOT be talking about the Lakers?
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