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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
There's fault on both sides. The Democrats haven't put the Republicans in a very good spot. If the Republicans refuse to make concessions then they are stubborn and putting their own needs above the needs of the country. If Republicans make concessions then they are limp wristed panty waists who have no business running the country as they have no backbone or morals. This is exactly what the Democrats want.
I agree Republicans are in a bad spot, but when "they" have people saying they will bring up charges on people that vote for increasing taxes...thats just blind. I am appalled in general at both parties inability to actually get something worked out versus just throwing political barbs and crossing their hands in a huff.

I think we the people should be allowed to REMOVE the entire house/senate whatever. These political lifers are a true issue. And while I have not been able to validate it; it appears they also voted themselves a pay increase during all of this.
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