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Originally Posted by mdw View Post
Eh... not really... Its far more convenient for me to just show my friends a video in a text conversation than make them log into their email. Most of them don't use email on their phone at all.

Wasn't emailing videos around before texting videos? o.O

But I'm just really surprised Android doesn't have a workaround, even a separate app that auto compresses things to MMS?
Oh ok. How odd. Most people I know, even the non-techy types, have their email on their phone. They don't log into it.. they already are logged into it. The difference in accessing it comes down to hitting that notification when they receive the email.

You text-ed videos back when we had ridiculously sh***y cameras and there was little to lose (which the iPhone had up until the 4.) Email wasn't integrated into the phones the way it is today where there is little distinction between the two on the surface. It made sense then. There are multiple ways to share quality video without length restriction now. I applaud Android for encouraging people to get away from old habits that need to die (Nexus 7: no rear camera.... recognizing how ridiculous people look holding up iPads to take pictures and video.. might as well be holding up a lap top.) Those people that are still taking this approach probably already know what they plan to do with the particular video they want to send so they will just select the option in the camera settings.

You could just upload to YouTube which is all integrated right into your phone, and then just text the link. I suppose these same people that don't have their email on their phone also don't have a browser or YouTube app though.

Otherwise... if you must, try using Video Message Shrinker from the Play Store.
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