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Originally Posted by mikedt View Post
Here's another one to say bye bye to...
Sayonara, netbooks: Asus (and the rest) won't make any more in 2013 | Technology |

Thing is, I actually like netbooks and found a real use for them for work, travel and pleasure. I'm actually using a recently purchased 10 inch Lenovo S110 netbook running Linux Mint to write this post, and it's what I mainly use for work.

Ultrabooks like the MacBook Air are just too expensive for what they are.
Regular laptops might be OK, but IMO unnecessary weight and bulk to always carry around for my requirements and needs.
A tablet could be OK, but it must have a real physical keyboard, some means of angling the screen for when using it at a desk or table, proper office productivity software(Android is a bit of a fail so far in this respect), as well as a VGA video outlet for use in the classroom.
This doesn't quite jibe with what is happening in the market, the products are still available and still selling. The term Netbook may go away but the market segment won't (at least for a few years), Samsung just unveiled a new line of Chrome Books which while not Windows are still a Netbook at heart. Asus is still selling them and notice it did not say they weren't going to produce them, just the Eee line was going away.

Now, I have been predicting the true thing to disappear in the computer market will not be desktops but laptops. Unless there is a drastic change laptops will never have the power and capacity of their landlocked brethren, desktops will always be a necessity for many. Add to that laptops suffer the real threat of tablets and convertibles. Can you see where this is heading?
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