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Default New XO Skin User Experience

I installed my XO Skin on Christmas. I spent lots of time to get out the bubbles with the corner of the squeeegee. Tiny tracks were left where I squeezed out the bubbles, but they're only noticeable with careful inspection under bright light. The orange peel effect disappeared after a day. There may be a slight colorized effect still, but again, it's usually not noticeable. I don't notice old scratches in the glass anymore, either. I don't find XO Skin too sticky for swipe.

The reason I searched for this post is I'm looking to see if others found ways to reduce fingerprints. I was considering dish soap. Finger oil does stick to plastic skins a lot more than glass. It's not permanent the way a scratch is, but there are now an annoyingly constant amount of smudges all over the screen every time I need to touch it --which is, of course, a lot. Now that I know the real enemy is sand, not keys, I might not have bought a plastic skin.
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