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Originally Posted by amaranthine View Post
I initially flashed Sleipnir but went back to Harmonia because I prefer to have all the stock apps available and not replaced with alternatives. Does Tagged retain the stock apps?

I didn't use Seipnir long enough to make a judgment on any touch sensitivity improvement.

I have a friend who owns a Black OE on stock which seemed more touch sensitive , so it makes me wonder if another OE will help, but at the same time I might run into new issues or see no improvement at all since it appears that each OE may have various issues of their own.

I will look into editing build.prop and init.d, but given that I even avoid adb due to lack of expertise, I'm hesitant on messing around too much and bricking the phone.
It was actually returned back to stock in 2.3.7 (with the exception of the Mms.apk, turns out I missed that this time around), and Tagged does have stock as well. It could very well be that you might have received a worse OE than your friend, but it'd be hard to say. You don't have to use ADB either (honestly, I haven't since using the jcase root method). As long as you make a Nandroid backup, you should be fine and not worry about bricking your phone (you could even then, but that's only if you're messing around with something not /data, /cache, or /system).

Also if you're going to use init.d, the only ROM with working init.d support is actually Sleipnir since we got that figured out (Harmonia and Tagged are both missing a modified that, with the proper permissions, allowed init.d scripts to actually run). But if you'd rather not use it, I'd be happy to attach the file and the line in the installer for you to get it working correctly for you
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