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It isn't just you; I was just complaining to others about this the other day. The camera is really just awful. I have come from an HTC Incredible and HTC Incredible 2, and both those cameras really rocked. This is pitiful in comparison; they are out of focus nearly all the time. Even in focus, they look poor. Indoors, it takes forever to take pictures, it delays etc,as another poster mentioned.

I have just recently (yesterday) purchased a camera app replacement (Camera ZOOM fx), to see if that will help. I think it might help with the long delay in taking pictures in lower light, but I think the driver/hardware is really the culprit unfortunately, so not much to be done.

Anyone else have a camera app that has had any better luck? It does seem with the little playing I have done that Camera ZOOM fx does seem to at least take them faster and "in focus" (as best it can focus) in low light.

I also noticed something interesting in playing with the new camera app. I am able to choose where to focus, and then take the picture, and it seems that frequently, if I choose to focus on one thing that was slightly further away than another, the closer one is in better focus than the one I selected....this seems to be a driver issue, if I had to guess. So maybe someday they will correct this in a driver update.

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