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Originally Posted by tsilvernail View Post
I love what you've done to your phone! Once my gnex arrives (yeah I know I'm a year late to that party, but I wasn't waiting 2 months+ to get a nex4) I think I might try that out.

As for rethinking the overall theme, I don't see it happening any time soon, if at all. Especially on a large scale. The reason being, people like things to be 'easy' and remembering swipe gestures is hard for most people. The reason apple dominates with market share is because they made a device so simple that literally just about any human being on the planet can pick it up and start using it without much of a learning curve. As we all know, it's not a better product, it's just more simple for the everyman to use right out of the box.

Android, IMO, has found the perfect blend between the two. It's simple to learn out of the box but if you are so inclined, the user can do what you've done to your phone. Customization is critical to androids life and it's evolution. I don't see that changing anytime soon.
Thanks. It's just a little experiment. As you mentioned, the main problem with any shift is getting people to (1) be willing to learn a new way of doing things and then (2) to actually do it. The swipe gestures take a bit of use to remember where they are, but it's no different, really, than remembering that your games are on homescreen 3 and your 'office' stuff is on homescreen 2. After using it for a bit it's not an issue.

I hear you on the Nexus 4. I managed to secure one in the second round of ordering, but was in the '7-8 weeks until delivery' group. I ended up canceling my order a few days before Christmas and got the Note 2 instead using my upgrade through my carrier.
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