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i have never had to reboot my iPad 3 unless it was doing a system upgrade (like from iOS 5 to iOS 6, that was it) it stays on, in standby constantly, never has problems. never slows down, never crashes. apps run and close as i choose. never once do i get 'sorry, this app has stopped unexpectedly' or 'this app isn't responding do you want to close it?' (that last one is so annoying, it's as if Android is just that impatient, and reminds me of the dreaded Clippy from Office 97)

the lag is not really anything other than an annoyance. it makes the device feel like it's 10 years old. even though Jelly Bean seems to have fixed that, there are so few transitions in Android, and it just feels secondhand. it does not have the level of professional transitions in/out of apps as iOS does. it feels cheap.

there are many things missing in Android i wish were standard or at least doable without third party apps. the most important being badge notifications on the app icon. currently my notification bar is so cluttered with individual icons for the same thing on Android and it looks messy, and if not, i have to open each app one by one to check if anything is new. i really liked having the badge notifications. say the number '3' on Yahoo! Mail indicating three new emails, or '45' on my Facebook icon, or '5' on Play Store alerting me to five new upgrades available. it was convenient, nice and saved me time. now, i have to use three different apps, one plugin, one widget and even then it's not perfect. i have to refresh the launcher for the badges to either update or show, thus defeating their purpose, or i get them for one app but not the rest. this kind of thing should be standard. there is just no true implementation that works for Android and this always makes me go back to my iPad....a shame really.

worse is the need to reboot Android almost daily. today my phone literally froze in my hand after unlocking the screen. nothing was running! then it crashed and rebooted itself while downloading from Google Play. iOS NEVER does this! you never have to reboot iOS at least not from my experience. Android is a great system but seems like a toy. playing with it, messing around with widgets, etc. but it feels unpolished, thrown together, and is largely unstable. there is no need to tell me this app crashed or that this app is too slow--it doesn't help me fix anything and offers no real solution other than annoying me.

Android needs triple the hardware to achieve what iOS does with far less. for example, to get the same performance out of an iPad 3 on Android you need something pricey, such as the $499 Nexus 10 (that is the same price as an iPad 3 so who's overpriced? Apple or Android?) and in addition there is no Retina screen, i see pixels! secondly, it takes a quad core, and twice the RAM. on my iPad 3, it only has a dual-core 1GHz CPU and maybe two gigs of RAM. tell me is the A5 chip really that powerful or does iOS just handle things better?

people say you can control Android especially with root, but that is not exactly true either. i cannot install apps if the space dips below 20MB, even a 300KB app, far less than the remaining 20MEGAbytes, will fail saying 'not enough storage' WTH? 300KB is far less than 30MB! why can't i use ALL my space!? what is Android telling me i can't use some of what i have left?

i'm not trolling, but i am noting shortcomings in Android that Apple does not have. it's criticisms i cannot ignore. if there are solutions i am all welcome.

EDIT: i am not a fanboy of any system. do i have criticisms of iOS? of course! do i have cons/pros of my experience with BlackBerry? sure! but while Android offers a seemingly unlimited level of customization, it also has a ton of drawbacks one must live with. and the drawbacks seem to be more often than either of the two systems (FYI, BlackBerry is worse, when you have to reboot, or do a 'battery pull' which is a common term for any RIM device, it can be half an hour or more before you get back up and running, never understood that but my Curve would sit on the BlackBerry loading bar for that long at least on a restart)
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