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well when they DO work (any implementation seems to be half-working at best) they will also display in the app drawer (they don't work in docks but i don't really care about that) so it does not require populating your entire home screen with icons.

Android's almost unlimited customization is partly to blame for some of my instability i suppose, i see this cool widget and i just have to have it, and while i check the user reviews it does not really mean it will work 100%. widgets increase the demand on whatever hardware and Google Play still cannot sort out what is compatible or not yet. it sometimes deems apps that work fine on my Kindle Fire as 'not compatible' while conversely apps that should not work on my ZTE Merit allow me to download and install. then there are legit concerns, such as not being allowed the last 20MB of my phone's free space to install apps to, even if i have root. even as root, aka superuser, who has access/control over anything in Linux systems, i'm gusssing Android is one of them, i can't even disable those annoying alerts to app crashes and i cannot force apps to either reload (most do, such as launchers, they auto-reload if they crash so what point is there in making me click OK to a dialog first?) or crash silently. some apps do indeed close themselves, but most annoy me with needless pop-ups that offer no solution to the problem. telling me generic messages such as 'an error has occurred' annoys the user and offers no help to fix the actual problem

there are legit criticisms also of ICS/JB. they eliminated the ANR dialogs in GB, as my phone never tells me anything is unresponsive or asks me to click wait or force close, and GB never suddenly dumps me to the boot animation when an app has a fatal crash that takes the launcher with it (leaving me with a 'WTF?' moment). this was actually a big problem with Android Eclair, it did both those things quite often. now they are back in ICS/JB. i never had JB crash or display one, but the option to enable ANRs for background processes still exists in settings-->Dev options. i wish there was an option to just turn them all off, or control what makes it dump me to the boot screen again. like Windows, telling it what to do when an app crashes, whether to reboot the device, or attempt to keep going, or to give me details on the actual error.

I admit i am a control freak. i do not like having the OS decide to do anything on my behalf, i prefer to tell it which apps to keep open, and which to close. in iOS 5 and 6, i can close apps by bringing up the multitasking menu, holding an app, and clicking the minus badge to close it. this is how i keep the thing stable as apps WILL auto-close if there are too many running. in Android, even swiping away an app in a very similar menu does not mean it closes it. some apps i never use, such as Videos, or even Play Store will start up and waste RAM. i do not like that. soon as my phone's memory dips below 50Mb it lags and even locks up, requiring a battery pull. i have tried modifiying the VM heap, built-in task manager, and even attempted Autostarts to control what runs and what does not. but even then apps i am not planning to use start up and show in my list of running apps (go Launcher shows this along with the current RAM demand). is it really a problem to want all control over what runs and what does not run on a device i own?
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