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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
i never did like Ubuntu as a desktop OS, so the idea of it on a mobile platform is a no-go for me personally. Ubuntu is Linux but it tries to make too many rules--1, you cannot be permenant root,
You can enable root login if you want, it's quite easy. I might be missing something here, but why would I want be permanent root? Any application can be made to run with root privileges from a normal user account anyway. "sudo".

KDE running as root....a subtle hint and very careful or BOOM!!!

I believe this was Mandrake or Mandriva.

Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
2, it has some weird security that doesn't let certain things happen,
Don't know what those might be. Can you provide some details about this please.

Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
and 3, like Windows, it has a lifecycle that stops getting new apps and updates when a version is deemed too old (this can be months, like in Maverick Meerkat there is no more support, apps don't update, and the repos are crippled)
"repos are crippled?"

Every 6 months there's a new release, You want long term support and updates, use the LTS(Long Term Support) releases. 12.04 LTS "Precise" is supported until mid-2017. Non-LTS releases are supported for about two years. You can always upgrade a running install anyway, without having to delete and completely re-install the whole OS.
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