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i am not sure why but whenever a notification appears in the status bar as it should, i have to go into Nova Settings and then turn off and back on the 'unread count' feature and then go back to the home screen, and THEN it shows the badge. also, when they should clear (when i get a say, 5, on Facebook, and load the app the '5' should go away when getting back on home) i also have to go into Nova Settings, switch the feature off and back on, and then the number disappears. i have tried everything, including all available options in Missed it! and the widget monitor trick and all, read the global how-to verbatim, still won't happen automatically unless i turn off and back on the feature in settings.

not sure why the same feature is completely non-functional in Go Launcher-works fine on the other devices, not sure if Jelly Bean is supported though either
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