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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
being a once big time Linux user, the concept of product lifecycles and expiry dates was dipping into Microsoft waters. Linux shouldn't be taking any cues from that 'other' system.
You've got it backwards--it's that other [so-called] operating system that's been taking cues from *nix for decades, starting with its [idiotic] implementation of its DOS file system. They tried to copy UNIX, but did it like imbeciles...and changed slashes to backslashes.

not sure what exactly it was but there was some weird security feature that disabled apps that required certain things. it's been a while
Well, I've used, *buntu since its first version, and I have *NO* idea what you're talking about.

but that and being unable to login as root were deal breakers. oh sure i could modify it to force root login
There's no FORCING involved. FOUR keystrokes. Done.

and even go to the CLI instead of X but still...should have had the option from the get-go.
Like I've said, it's a simple matter. A one-time change of four keystrokes, and you're good to go.

as far as distros go i prefer more pure distros, the kind that don't default to X, or GDM, that allow you to toy around.
I've used Linux since its first release in 1991--and still have the 3-1/2" disks to prove it!--and have yet to find a distro that doesn't, or can't, do what you're asking.

Ubuntu seems like a distro for Windows converts.
I wouldn't know. I don't do windows. I've used *nix since 1985, when there was nothing but the command line, and *buntu suits me just fine.

my preferred distros are Slackware and Debian based
Debian based, eh? Kind of like...*buntu!

with default CLI logins and use. if i want X, i startx
I do it the other way around. I start up with KDE, and I always have a terminal running, but when I REALLY feel the need for hardcore, old-fashioned CLI, I hit [ctrl][alt][Fx] and I'm there!
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