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Originally Posted by twister6 View Post
Oh, I see. The kickstand is "dumb", you "don't see use of one", you "prefer not to have" it, and it makes "cases look horrible". Sounds like a valid reasoning
It's completely valid reasoning. I'm sorry it wasn't what you wanted to read but the truth of it all is that not many people say "Man, I really wish this case had a kickstand so I can watch videos on this 5.5" screen". Yes I realize it is a bigger screen than on most phones, but most people consume videos and such while actually holding the phone and not setting it down on a table somewhere. In a lot of people's eyes the kickstand is just ugly and takes away from the clean look the case otherwise would have had. Let's take Seidios line of cases for the Note 2 for example, you have the case all one color with a nice look and then BAM big metal kickstand sticking out like a sore thumb. 9 out of 10 people I have talked to say they don't like, and/or have no desire for, a case with a kickstand. That is why a lot of manufacturers don't even bother with a kickstand on their cases, and of course the reason mentioned above in my other post, the kick stands break very easily causing problems for manufacturers and also costing them money by having to send out replacements.

I'm sorry if any of my posts offend you. It is just my opinion and what I have found the preference to be when it comes to cases with kick stands. I am not at all trying to insult those who like kickstands on cases. Some people like them and some hate them, but nobody is wrong because in the end it comes down to what YOU prefer.
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