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Originally Posted by MahaloCat View Post
OK....I want to post my .02 here.
My battery life had been pretty good. But started getting Very bad.
Had to turn off the 3g to make it last - basically making it a dumb phone.
Switching the 3d back on to check something...would cause immediate and sudden battery drain.

Had to do a battery pull and noticed the Battery was bulging and didn't fit flush. Took into the sprint repair center across the street. Where they were anything but helpful. Basically shell out $45 for a new battery or it will explode in your pocket...

Ordered one on amazon for $17 dollars....1900 AWESOME - Battery life is back to where it should have been.

I think it sucks that sprint and other carriers will lock you into a 2 year contract then not support that device for the full two years....

***end Rant** *

Anyone needing a replacement that will fit into you current housing and Case...I HIGHLY recommend Anker 1900mAh Li-ion Battery For HTC Sensation, Sensation XE, EVO 3D, Mytouch 4G Slide, Amaze 4G - White: Cell Phones & Accessories
Ok I just bought this, I guess I'll find out how good it is in a few days.
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