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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
Seeing two things tablets have over laptops 1) much better battery life 2) more portable
The decent(expensive) tablets tend to have a good battery life, like the iPad. But on the other hand many of the cheapo $40-$60 tablets, the battery life can be quite abysmal. Often just 90-120 minutes when playing a movie.

Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
with the advent of affordable bluetooth keyboards, there isn't much left to differentiate a tablet from a laptop. even Microsoft Windows is following suit, having their full version Windows 8 on their tablet lines, making even PC apps/games an eventual possibility on their tablet lines.
I've got the Lenovo S110 10inch netbook/small laptop, it's actually about the same size as an iPad, somewhat thicker though. But for what I use it for, there's currently no tablet that could replace it AFAICT. When it's in its bag, many people whom I work with actually thought I had an iPad, until I revealed what it really was.

I've also got a Fujitsu UH900 UMPC, running Windows 7 Home Premium and Linux Mint. This PC will actually fit in my jacket pocket. And I've used that for work and travels as well.

Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
An iPod touch can do far more than a Zune. it can do wifi, apps, games, pretty much all the iPhone does, except phone calls (and that is also debatable given apps such as Pinger and Google Voice having iOS ports) as for the Shuffle, it is only $49 compared to the Zune's $399, and last, the Zune is still a Microsoft product, one could say they're even tighter locked down than Apple products. Apple just washed them away, as did Android
Think I mentioned this before, I've never actually seen a Zune, only read about them on the interwebs. I've seen plenty of iPod Touches though, I used to have a first gen one.

Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
you can buy an MP3 player for less than $19 today. the only benefit of buying just an MP3 player (with no other functionality) from MS or Apple is to show off a label, nothing more.
Think that's why they cough up all that money for Apple products here in China, to brand whore with. Microsoft on the other hand doesn't really carry the same perceived cachet and prestige as Apple here. Pirated Windows XP Professional with IE6 and pirated Office 2003, running on whatever thing is still very much the order of the day.
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