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One of the reasons why I bought the Galaxy Note 2 was for the Multi-view window capability. To me that is one major step in the evolution of phone software design. So I can say its one of the nicest tools on a device.

That being said, using the multi-view window feature has an additional benefit that it allows me to compare side by side similar apps to determine which one of the two being compared is best for my needs.

In doing so I decided to compare the twitter apps Tweetings and Falcon Pro.
Backtrack a bit, I used to use Plume but eventually switched to Tweetings. Both are good but Tweetings seems more streamlined and yet capable of doing what I wanted a twitter app to do. But its uncanny way of not keeping where I was in the timeline was really driving me nuts.

So here comes a mention of Falcon Pro on androidcentral. After reading the review, I decided to test it out my self. On its own it seems to be exactly what I want. The icon of the app is really nice looking, but an icon does not make an app. But then it dawned on me to use the Galaxy Notes multi-view window feature and compare them side by side.

While on its own it seemed great, comparing it to tweetings, really blew me away. The interface is slick, looks are pleasing to the eye, and the one thing that has eluded me (not keeping my spot in the timeline) was finally there. Granted there are quite a few features still not in the app, but the developer is quite engaged with his followers/customers and continues to improve the app on a ongoing basis.

Therefore, I have to say, Falcon Pro for Twitter is by far the best twitter app for Android (for my needs).

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