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Default solved?

Here's how I found the MSL on my alcatel/tct/pcd venture. You will need alogcat [and set the filter to 'NV'], or use "adb logcat | fgrep NV", to see pertinent results only.

With log running, dial ##PORT# [##7678#]; tap ok [you don't need to enter a guess of the MSL, but you can if you want to]. Be aware, 2 wrong MSL try's in a row and the phone reboots...

Now, in log I saw;
# V/QC_NV_ITEMS( 8564): Received: 333234363435
so my MSL is 324645, see that? 3X3X3X3X3X3X, the X's are my MSL.

Now, in dialer type ##PORT# again and enter your MSL. tap On. I believe that this just enabled your diagnostic port.

This changed my device. in linux,
with ##PORT# On and settings-applications-development-usbdebugging ON, lsusb now shows;
# Bus 001 Device 007: ID 1bbb:00f5 T & A Mobile Phones
with ##PORT# Off and settings-applications-development-usbdebugging ON it is;
# Bus 001 Device 008: ID 1bbb:00f7 T & A Mobile Phones
with ##PORT# Off and settings-applications-development-usbdebugging OFF it is;
# Bus 001 Device 009: ID 1bbb:d00d T & A Mobile Phones
with ##PORT# On and settings-applications-development-usbdebugging OFF it is;
# Bus 001 Device 010: ID 1bbb:00f6 T & A Mobile Phones
[Notice, it advanced my usb device each time I switched ##PORT# or debugging? The usb port was being reset.]
As you can see there are 4 distinct product codes [the vendor code is 1bbb] for this phone, and prolly all phones. Which ones will work with QPST? [prolly 00f5 and/or f6]. My windows partition is on the fritz right now so someone else can discover.

Other codes that work on the venture;adr2045;PCD/tct/AlcaTel are;
##debug# need MSL, show's your PRL and SID and more.
##RTN# this has an option to RESET, may just reset timers [it shows timers] or may reset something more important, you try, not me...
##DATA# you can change your home SID from 4139 in the advanced section [was that the original goal of this thread?]. In this menu anyone can view the setting but MSL is needed to edit.
*#*#TALK#*#* Google talk info.
*#06# just gives MEID.
*#*#INFO#*#* LOTS of info, you can also select your radio band [cdma, gsm, etc.].
##VIRGIN# for activation.
There must be other codes that work on this phone[I would like to know more], mebbe that's for another thread...
As for changing your PRL [thru QPST, I reckon], its may get changed back to 61007 [or whatever the latest is] automagically by the phone company, but I would like to know if you could do it and how, it might motivate me to get my windows partition running again.

I added some pics for the MSL getting tutorial, hope they don't confuse...
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