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Default More Android slight

I was watching Top Chef last night. Today, I sent this to Bravo TV-
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Want to know the definition of epic fail? I'm watching Top Chef last night and at the end of the show they say "watch last chance kitchen on your mobile device" and "use our app or go to our site". Since I have my very current near top of the line HTC Evo4G LTE in my hand I think "why not?". I go to the play store to get the app. No app! iOS only. Really? At this point in time you still don't service the DOMINANT mobile OS? OK, I'll go to the (mobile) site with my web browser and "this video will not play on your device". Flash? Never supported by iOS and not supported by Android from 4.0 on. Basically, it seems that you've almost intentionally gone out of your way to exclude the users of an OS that makes up what 60-70% of the mobile market? Do you really think that's a good idea? I certainly don't!
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I'm so tired of second class treatment.

Like Tivo, a company I once liked and have been a customer of since 1999. Not only did their Android app lag the iOS version to market by 8 months, but it's inferior in design, features and it's broken. It hasn't ever worked properly with 4.1 (or at all with 4.2) though I'm told a fix is coming later this month, 6-7 months late. The iOS version is regularly updated. Of course, any stuffed shirt executive at Tivo can point to statistics and show how many more people access their iOS app versus Android as a reason to favor support of the iOS version. Conveniently leaving out the fact that the Android version is awful, late and doesn't even work for a significant portion of its intended audience. Arghhhhh!

It's my opinion that if you run a business, offer a mobile app and lack a viable Android version or it lags significantly behind your iOS offering? You're very poor at allocating resources for your mobile presence. It would seem this is true for a significant number of companies.
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