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Originally Posted by SirSpace View Post
Haha true they already know whats coming lol.

There is a cure for cancer and other deadly diseases reason its not out cause it would take a big percentage of jobs and money from ppl. (Think about how a country is run. Ex mortality rates ppl living longer)
We can kill cancer thousands of ways in test tubes. The problem is finding something that wont kill the rest of you. Were getting there. If we had one youd better believe a drug company would fast track it to market. There's so much money to be made it wouldnt be withheld.

Conspiracy theorists love to say we are withholding cures for diabetes and other chronic illnesses because companies make so much off of the current treatments, but I guess I'm less cynical that that

Originally Posted by TheAtheistReverend View Post
Have to say F. You're talking about a Simpsons episode

Matter has more mass in space.
False. That whole 0 gravity thing is a bummer.

Recent evidence suggests radiation from being in space may give you Alzheimer's
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