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I'm using Wug's Toolkit right now. I just got my replacement (which has a slight yellow tint and the haptic feedback is much weaker - but screen is still better than my old one since it has no ghost lines running through it.) What I've done is save a nandroid with CWM then download it to a PC with Rom Manager Backup Server. I copied the backup zip file to my new replacement (which I've already unlocked and rooted with Wug's) and restored it via CWM. Now my phone is exactly as it was, minus everything I had in data/media.

I hit Backup, then Backup Virtual SDcard, and it says that you will need to be rooted to restore this backup.

If this is the case, you can just backup the Virtual SDcard from your old phone, but would have to root your new phone with the Toolkit before restoring the SDcard.


Scratch that, the nandroid thing worked fine but the Toolkit does not backup my SDcard. I am guessing it's something with CM 10.1, since Android 4.2 treats the SDcard a little differently. When I go to backup it just says it's instantly finished. I guess I'm going to try and manually pull the folders over MTP and copy them back that way.
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