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Originally Posted by varenHjames View Post
man...i am so lost, i dont even know what the goal of this thread was....lmao. but i feel like i got 20 points to my iq just reading the entire thread.

so, whats the point of changing the SID? also, how do you find your "local" SID?
it was mentioned better data speeds, any thing else? ?better service?

im curious, bc i may, or may not do this after i see how it works for others
Well the point of changing the PRL alot of reasons but can sometimes be complicated to do ^^;

reasons why to change them:
*better data speeds
*Use all towers (depends on what prl you have) instead the ones limited to you, to that better signal (I think)

I would say that bad reason for it
but since virgin mobile has a unlimited plan data usage
then no need to worry but ill include then in case:
bad reasons:
*uses your data up faster (only for those that are limited to how many gb of data their aloud to have in their carrier)
*it is illegal to do this method in some carriers such as verzion

but nothing to worry about, it is legal to do it with virgin mobile
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