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Originally Posted by PsychDoc View Post
I believe it has something to do with a lack of compatibility between the phone's bluetooth and the car's. I had the same problem, with the same error message coming up on the phone (i.e. "Unfortunately, the has stopped") and I got Verizon to replace the phone for me. After an hour or two in the car, it started doing it again. Since then (about three weeks) it's generally been fine even in the car but every once in a while it will start acting wonky in the car and cycle though holding a BT connection and then losing it. When that happens I get the same error message but the phone eventually sorts itself out over a period of a minute or two and reestablishes a 3/4G connection. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to when this will happen and it's only when connected to the car's BT. I have a wireless home phone that has a BT connection feature and the DNA links up perfectly with that without a glitch. So it is obviously some [intermittent] incompatibility issue between the DNA and the car's BT.

As two DNA's have now had this issue I've now just resigned myself to the fact that it's one of those things that will happen every so often. I figure a software fix/OTA patch could take care of this if HTC gets enough complaints but I'm not holding my breath.
Bluetooth has continued to work fine with the new DNA...I was wondering the same thing with regards to car is a 2007 RS4, so the tech (Nav, Bluetooth, etc.) is a little outdated.
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