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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
i have never had to reboot my iPad 3 unless it was doing a system upgrade (like from iOS 5 to iOS 6, that was it) it stays on, in standby constantly, never has problems. never slows down, never crashes. apps run and close as i choose. never once do i get 'sorry, this app has stopped unexpectedly' or 'this app isn't responding do you want to close it?' (that last one is so annoying, it's as if Android is just that impatient, and reminds me of the dreaded Clippy from Office 97)
You're lucky then. I experience a browser crash everyday I use my iPad. Very annoying. Of course I don't get any messages like in Android. Safari just closes on me and the crash log will show up if I go to Diagnostics & Usage

Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
worse is the need to reboot Android almost daily. today my phone literally froze in my hand after unlocking the screen. nothing was running! then it crashed and rebooted itself while downloading from Google Play. iOS NEVER does this! you never have to reboot iOS at least not from my experience.
Funny you should say this. I experienced a crash exactly like the one you've mentioned a couple of months back on my iPod Touch 4th gen. I had to hard reset and when I turned it back on, my app icons where missing. Doing a restore from backup fixed the icons but even now, that iPod is acting mighty wonky. Unfortunately, since I need to keep it on iOS 4.3 for an abandoned app, there's nothing I can do about the wonkiness.

Just because iOS has worked very well for you so far doesn't mean it doesn't have its share of problems and glitches.
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