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Originally Posted by varenHjames View Post
man...i am so lost, i dont even know what the goal of this thread was....lmao. but i feel like i got 20 points to my iq just reading the entire thread.

so, whats the point of changing the SID? also, how do you find your "local" SID?
it was mentioned better data speeds, any thing else? ?better service?

im curious, bc i may, or may not do this after i see how it works for others

For one thing, if you turn all your location options off, you may notice that some apps default you to the middle of oklahoma [or somewhere] which I believe is where 4139 is. Sprint has been using 4139 for all phones for years now, it really doesn't matter to much, tho it did back in the day when there was a thing called roaming fees...
Speed, service? ehhh. It could help in cell tower selection which is based on your SID and your PRL table, prolly not on virgin where there is No roaming at all.

Most of the stuff you can do with a MSL is all geeky, people just don't care anymore, except about themes, hehehe. then again there is some nifty stuff in there.
One thing, if you are at home, and you open ##DEBUG#, you will see the SID of the cell tower you are using, that would be your proper SID.
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