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Unfortunately no search on any forum or search engine has helped me. It's either 'let android manage apps and forget about closing them' (no, I want to have control myself, I don't feel happy letting any OS do that on its own) or 'you cannot install apps when space drops to 15mb' (again, I don't care. If I wanted more limits and rules I'd never have used Android in the first place) and such like that. I want to install apps no matter what. I want the force close and wait dialogs gone. I want apps to crash silently and wait without me having to know. I rooted for crying out loud I should have control over everything. I can close apps in iOS and they never start back up until I open them. But I don't even get that in Android.

I am certain there are ways to fix all of that, and I must admit I never had to reboot JB and never got any dialogs with it but I don't run JB on all my stuff. But so far no help in disabling dialogs for crashes, no help in bypassing the storage limit on installs. Either it cannot be done, or no one, not even devs, know how. Seriously what good is having 15mb of usable space just sitting there, completely inaccessible by the user? I don't care how Android was designed, I just want the problem fixes no matter the risk. I accepted risks when I rooted so I really could care less how Android was "meant to be"
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