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Originally Posted by niallheav View Post
Hi all,

Just looking for some advice on this........

I currently have a HTC Desire HD which I am going to upgrade.
I am now stuck between 2 phones, the Galaxy SIII and the HTC One X+.

The One X+ seems to have fantastic specs but there are a couple of things which i'm not sure about....... I see there is no flash on it, it supports HTML 5 though, does anyone find this a big issue? I find my current phone very good compared to my girlfriends iPhone 4 which has trouble on a lot of sites that use flash.

Also, the fact that you can't remove the battery is a little annoying, but again I don't know if anyone has had any issues with this in the past?

I saw on an SIII today that you can use multiscreen which allows you do 2 things at once, I thought that was a great feature, does anyone know if this is a Samsung or Android feature? Would it be possible on the One X+?

I also saw something about the SIII not being great with Android 4.1, anyone else hear anything like this?

Sorry for the hundred question post! But if anyone can advise me which might be the best buy it would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

I'll try my best to answer some of these questions.
Correct me if I'm wrong (anybody), but I heard that JB didn't support Flash at all anymore. (But it's pretty easy to get that feature back.)

Multiscreen is available ONLY for TouchWiz, not stock Android, so it's not available for the One X+ (without rooting).

Non-removable batteries are great and all, but not completely necessary. It depends how much you charge/use your phone.

The SIII with ICS was pretty smooth, so I can't imagine JB being any worse.
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