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My tablet had over 1005 hrs of uptime before the last update--that's over 42 days. My N4 has also been rock solid for the short time that I've had it. I did however have problems with my Sensation when running Opensensation and VI, but those were mostly attributed to a lack of updated drivers outside of the Android source tree. A Jelly Bean community ROM will probably never give you the performance and stability of a stock 4.2 build. Try to keep an open mind and don't base your convictions on cheap chinese devices or beta ROMs.

However I do not like false claims (ios crashing more than android)
I wouldn't call that a false claim based on the study:

Crittercism analyzed a total of more than 214 million app launches from November and December 2011 from apps that use its service (see graph at top of this article). There were about 3 times more app launches for iOS that Crittercism analyzed, about 162 million to 52 million. But the analysis examined app crashes as a percentage of each app launch, so this data takes out the issue of there being more iOS than Android apps. In other words for each iOS app and each Android app how often percentage-wise do they crash?

In the top quartile of apps, Android apps crashed 0.15% of the time they launched, while top quartile iOS apps crashed 0.51% of the time. In the second quartile of apps, Android apps crashed 0.73% of the time and iOS apps crashed 1.47% of their launches. In the third quartile of apps, Android apps crashed 2.97% of the time, while iOS apps crashed 3.66% of the time.
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