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Originally Posted by amaranthine View Post
The Sleipnir ROM appears to give a minor boost to touchscreen performance, although not enough for me to say it 100% solved the issue for me. It seems that occasionally there is just a lag in response that I associate with not registering. Sometimes the phone just came out of waking up and needs to get going. Other times I'm just picky about it making hit a button exactly where it is on screen to work. It's not perfect, but the Optimus V was CPU limited anyways, so that touches and swipes were registered rather late at times.

The Optimus Elite shouldn't have that similar issue since it's CPU is better, but this might be a defect of the phone screen. It's bearable, although not ideal.
Try bumping up the minimum cpu frequency to 368, and make sure your on the smartass v2 governor and noop I/o scheduler.
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