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Originally Posted by ww227 View Post
No, not illegal. Civilly, it might break your contract, but criminally no liability can attach, because you are not harming anyone, only [possibly] helping yourself. Example; if your car came with hankook tire, but you switched to fancy bridgestones, are you harming Ford? Well, if you are still making payments to Ford for the car, theoretically they could say put the Hankook tires back on or we are taking the car back [Verizon might say put the PRL we gave you back in, etc..]. Definitely not illegal.
There is a thing called ACCOLC [access overload class], options are 1-15, if you knew that changing yours [randomly assigned to your phone] to 15 would mean that you would still be talking during a disaster with the cops and firefighters [who are the only ones that are suppose to use ACCOLC15] while those around you just get error messages when trying to dial. Is that illegal? Mebbe, but there has yet to be a court case so, you might could justify yourself...
All those little numbers mean something, mostly only appreciated by real geeks, like me.
oh thanks ^^;
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