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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
Well I ain't paying for Linux. The idea is repulsive. Commercial distros like red hat and Mandriva still allow free downloads of the discs.
They have to allow that because of the GPL.

Codeweavers Crossover is not Linux. It's a commercial paid application that runs on Linux or Mac OS X. Mostly based on LGPL'd WINE, probably with some proprietary components as well.

You're not paying for Linux. Linux is free. But understand the concept of free speech vs free beer. You're paying for product support. When you buy a commercial Linux OS like RHEL(Red Hat Enterprise Linux). You can phone or email Red Hat Inc, and they will help and support you. You download it for free and don't pay for support, you have to sort your own problems out. Canonical does the same as well for Ubuntu, if you pay them.

It does cost real money to develop Linux and FOSS though, it's not all voluntary devs.

Should really have a go at the thousands of Chinese manufacturers that use Linux based OSs, like Android, in their products. They never seem to release the source code of whatever they've done to it, in violation of the GPL, LGPL, BSD, and other open source licenses. But then this is China.

Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
Point being, I still find myself stuck in windows for games, kinda like my need to use an iPad for apps not yet ported to Android as of yet (more games, specifically the Sky Gamblers and Nova series )
Well if you got Windows software and there's no FOSS equivalent, and it does't work with WINE, you use Windows. That's what I do.... Best tools for the job as they say. I use Windows for playing games, and Linux for getting real work done, as well as all my internet activities.
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