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Well you're partly incorrect. There are things in Android (Linux) that I still don't have any way to modify. For example, I have zero control over what apps start up on their own, which stay open when I back out of them, and which close. As the owner of my device I should be the one deciding which apps run and which don't. But like with Windows, I do not.

Secondly, I cannot install a tiny 300KB App if 10 MB remain on internal. It will always claim insufficient storage, despite the FACT that 10MB > 300 KB. As the owner, why can't I use all my space?

Thirdly, why can't I disable the annoying crash and wait dialogs? Even as Root?

MikeDt, I cannot get Star Trek Online, the Endless Forest, and Flight Simulator X to run in Wine. Wine fails for games, works well for apps not needing direct hardware access. I can run IE or uTorrent, but not FSX.

Seriously, I wish Linux could replace Windows. But with so much of what I use listed as 'never going to work' in Wine's compatibility list, what point is there unless all I ever do is browse the web and check email?

MoodyBlues, some folks leave MS and convert to Linux because they're sick of paying for MS products. So I can perfectly understand why they get miffed when Linux stuff costs money when they're lead to believe it to be 'Free Software'
"If you treat your system like a kiln, don't be surprised when a brick comes out the other side."
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