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Originally Posted by Bnice View Post
Here is some more rumor, I just hope a version come to Sprint.

HTC M7 specifications leak with hint of new Sense - SlashGear
I know just rumors still but
Strange, I wonder what this simple and clean version of Sense is...?
Isn't Sense already pretty simple, or am I just too accustomed to it?
Sense is great in my opinion, why does it need to be dumbed down?
Why do we need this new volume slider that will probably "feature" some notification that will annoyingly be permanently placed in the notification bar/drop down shade (like power saver, keyboard input selector, background data, etc.).

If they want to be simple, why don't they just give us straight Vanilla Android? Alot of people would actually prefer that.
Though I wish they would do the opposite and take a page out of the root world and custom ROM land by making Sense more feature rich and option filled - and if the issue is appealing to new/basic users, then they should make an expanded optional development mode/advanced user mode.

The only thing I can think they could reasonably simplify or clean up is that they could make Sense less resource intensive.

I'm glad the HTC rumors so far are more than just fake rendered blurry cam photos. I'd much rather have a thoughtful conversation about stuff like this ^ rather than the veracity of a screen capture.
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