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Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
the ruu overwrote your custom recovery,wich is no big deal. since you have the s-off bootloader,you can easily install your recovery,just like you did with the htcdev hboot. you should still have it in your miniadb folder,so just place the phone in fastboot,open cmd,and flash recovery with this command:

fastboot flash recovery recoveryname.img

reboot the phone with fastboot reboot

for a custom rom,i might suggest your first one to be a somewhat stockish one,so id recomend this one:

as doogald mentioned,youre on an older radio,so you can update that if you want by downloading this zip file and installig it in recovery:

you can install the radio and rom at the same time if you want,or you can do one first,then the other later.

youll just download,transfer to sd card,then flash them in recovery like you did the other files.

whenever yuo change roms,its not a bad idea to do a "full wipe" in recovery wich consists of:
-data/factory reset
-dalvik cache

bobcat has a good guide on flashing roms here:
Flashing Rom's without a PC

you can subsitute steps 3-9 with "download on to pc,transfer to sd card" if you dont want to use the phone itself to do the downloading.

just holler if you have any more questions!
Originally Posted by FoxyFox34 View Post
hi i have tried to download that rom & i can not get that rom downloaded for anything. i also have been looking online at other eris rom & everyone thought about downloading i couldn't get to download either. do you think that you could once again show me where to download that rom, that you said was a good rom to try? please. i did get the radio downloaded & i plan on running that radio as soon as the phone completely charges up. i am so grateful for all your help. thank you.
the rom and radio info are above. what prollems are you having trying to download the roms? are you using the phone,or your PC?

if youre having prollems downloading them directly to the phone,then download with the PC,then transfer the rom to the sd card.
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