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not sure what brought up microwaves and cars. my car is 21 years old. my microwave probably 15. unlike most of you all I do not have all those fancy new things. it stops after PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

but to go with the analogy, if your microwave told you that your defrost settings were invalid, because of some weird 'health concern' it would bug me.....I mean if I tell it to defrost for 15 minutes, it better well do as I ask or it's going back to the store. I got rid of the unit that came with my trailer only because it had this issue with Compu Defrost telling me what I set it for was invalid. it tried asking me useless info such as lbs and ounces, and then after entering that, and setting the time, it didn't work. told me simply, 'error' 'see manual'. screw that, I replaced it with an older unit that works when I set defrost to 15 min

by control I do not mean modifying and hacking. I shouldn't have to even do that to get control. I mean by control meaning telling it what to do and having it do it. if I don't like Android nagging me with 'Facebook is not responding, do you want to close it?' (I can already see Clippy from MS Office saying that!) I should be able to disable it and force it to wait, right? if I got 15MB left, I should be able to use it to install an app requiring far less than that amount, right?

if I tell a TV to change the channel, is it wrong to expect it to do just that? then if I expect to be perfectly able to use 15MB remaining internal space to install an app requiring only 300KB, it stands to reason I should be able to...

point being Android has no right to just open apps or keep them running when I do not tell it to. when I back out and close an app, be it the 'right' way or by 'force stop', I expect them to shut down and remain that way. imagine if your TV just up and decided to turn itself on, or your car decided to start its own engine to maintain itself some weird way? when I buy something, I expect it to do as I tell it to. if it fails to achieve that basic expectation, I usually don't keep it.
"If you treat your system like a kiln, don't be surprised when a brick comes out the other side."
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