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with all due respect, as previously stated, I really do not care how it was 'designed'. I do not want apps running until I tell them to. I want to allow only certain apps to even run in the background. I prefer to control what does and does not run. I refuse to allow any OS to do that for me! maybe you like it but I don't. now all I ask is if there is a way to stop tasks from auto-starting. I've tried Autostarts but it doesn't work. I tried App Quarantine but it always crashes. tried Autostart Manager but like Autostarts, even when disabling all known receivers, the apps still eventually restart. it's a basic issue. I want to stop apps from auto-starting when I force close them.

using my body is an invalid analogy. Android is not an animal or biological organism. it's an operating system. something that the user is supposed to control. no different than a computer or television set. and I know none of you want your laptop or TV turning themselves on when they feel like it. as the owner of my device I feel I have the right to control it. personal preference. when I rooted my devices I expected to gain full control over them. it's not that hard to grasp. trying to compare Android to the inner workings of an animal's body is kinda telling me that the OS has a mind of it's own. something I truly do not approve of in any mechanical or electronic device.

point is, if I 'let android manage it' the phone self-reboots, it runs super laggy, and has less than 5MB of free RAM. I know there is a problem. if I constantly force close stuff (mainly stuff that stays closed) I can get half my RAM back and things run smooth. but then eventually I see apps that shouldn't be running at all in there, and I never told them to run. that is not acceptable. I want that control, I refuse to allow the OS to do it for me. I don't trust it.

people say 'Android is Linux, it works like Linux' really do not understand. in Linux I can still close the web browser. but I cannot always stop Dolphin Browser from autostarting when it's not even being used. I can't always stop the stock browser either.
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