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no actually all the GPS and location services are unchecked and turned off. I don't like the idea of my phone spying on me so I never use it.

Linux still gives the user control over closing apps. if I close the KDE Web Browser or the Linux port of Mozilla Firefox, it closes. it does not run anyway or minimize itself.

I think I have managed to find at least some cure for it, I tried Autostart Killer that will disable apps when they attempt to autostart, so, unlike a task killer, it won't keep killing over and over again (which is why task killers eat battery and CPU so I partly agree with your view on them) when an app so much as tries to restart, it is put into a list of apps that won't start period until I ask them to. so far it has managed to stop my voice control app from running when i'm not using it, with no side effects. but we will see how successful it is in the end. would be nice to know what is linked to what, would help my quest to keep apps closed.

BTW what about the other issues? the ANR dialogs, or the issue of not being able to access the last 15MB of space on my device?

why is it so hard for some of you to understand that some users want to manage their own device? seriously? I mean truly there are some things best left to the user to do. I don't like the idea of letting the OS control everything. I don't even like machines that seem to have a 'mind of their own'.

if Android is truly meant to be customizable for the user, and good enough for everyone, then it should be able to fit the profile of users who want to control everything about it.

and FYI, my ZTE Merit and other devices have been the most stable so long as the used RAM isn't above 250MB. so all the prior issues, the lag, crashes, and self-rebooting has been solved by having at least partial control over apps. some in part thanks to ROM toolbox Pro. but it can't do everything.
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