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Originally Posted by Fr0stTr0n View Post
Wow...I'm suffering from information overload on this thread. I've got a Otterbox Commuter and a Samsung protective + case to decide between the two to protect my precious new Note 2. I had a generic screen protector I got from Costco with accessory pack and although I had to trim it, it did its job, protect my screen up until it took a dive in bathtub.

I'm confused at the difference between the screens that are Crystal or Oleophopic, whats the difference? I want a screen protector that doesn't inhibit the touch screens ability to be used and isn't so thick that I can feel it on the edge of my fingers and covers as much of the screen as possible so the Otterbox case covers the edges to keep it from getting dirt.

I don't abuse my phones, I treat them gingerly but I will be putting it into my pocket alot and using it when my hands may not be entirely clean. I don't care if I have to wipe down the screen frequently, I'm used to that, its a small price to pay to protect my $700 screen IMO and I don't want one that distorts the screen/colors like those gawd awful ZAGG protectors do.

I wanna order my protector tomorrow it will be here this week so I can put it on my replacement Note 2 due my first one with stuck pixels and my Commuter Otterbox will be here

So should I do the MobC for my needs?

Or go with the Spigen? I Don't like that it doesn't protect the lenses according to a users pictures of the product

Anyone tried the ISmooth? Seems like the reviews on it are better all around
Spigen Ultra Crystal is crystal clear
Spigen Ultra Oleophobic is Crystal with a slightly Oil-resitant coating. The coating does not effect the visual clarity. The surface does not dirty from oils quite as quickly and is slightly easier to wipe clean.
Neither should inhibit the touch screen or stylus.

The thickness is actually good in my opinion. The rigidity makes it easier to install and prevents the effect Twister6 was just posting about and noticing in post #369. You will be able to see and feel the edge, but not enough to inhibit your experience if you can bring yourself to ignore it.

NeoGrandizer took some great photos in this post showing his Otterbox Commuter and his Spigen Ultra Oleophobic Screen Protector. The edge of the case does not reach the edge of the protector as you can see in the yellow circle. You probably won't be able to find a case/screen protector combo that will accomplish this, sorry.

Spigen and MobC are quite similar. ISmooth looks to be a newer company, I haven't seen anyone really posting about them. They look extremely similar to Spigen and MobC though. I think you will find any of these three will be great. All three use a Japanese PET Film (wouldn't surprise me if they all use the same source). All 3 have a cut out for the front facing camera. None of them should interfere with the touch screen or stylus use.

I don't know how adept you are at screen protector installation, and I know it is information overload in this thread, but if you scan this thread (and a few others on this forum) you will find some great installation instruction/tips. It could help you prevent wasting one of the two (or three) protectors, help prevent a potential headache, and it will also help prevent your follow up posts asking for tips. If you prepare now and figure out some strategies, you can save yourself some trouble later.
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