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The ST TOS is left over from the days that people bought a ST GSM feature phone, took the SIM out and slapped it into their ThinkPad.

They haven't bothered to change their TOS because it nicely covers their behinds, should the underlying carrier have a fit and wish you gone.

Example: Paragraph 6 of their TOS (this is the paragraph everyone is scared about)... it says you can only download content from their Web Store. Umm... that is only for Feature Phones. Android phones can't access it. They are to use the Google Market (per their YouTube commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Precedent) and its 250,000 apps. -- which would be a TOS violation!

Also, think about it. Most of the phones come PREINSTALLED with apps that would violate the TOS. YouTube app for example!

Oh, and back to that Precedent commercial... they downloaded Angry Birds. Also a TOS violation! As per prohibited use iii) uploading, downloading or streaming of audio or video programming or games.

So, put on your brave face. Use Straight Talk in a manner you feel is truly fair to you and them (and legal). And if they come down from on high and turn off your service, come here, make your complaints, and then try another VMNO.

Remember, there are a huge number of us (even in these forums) that use Straight Talk. 99.9% of us violate their TOS daily and in a multitude of ways, yet still have service. Yes, you will hear of people getting throttled for the remainder of the month (mostly AT&T SIM users I believe)... maybe even terminated (don't know anyone personally that has though)... but that almost certainly was the action of the underlying carrier and not Straight Talk. Straight Talk just wants your money. They don't care what you do. The carrier wants their money. But, DOES care what you do.

Now back to hunting down the Rebel Alliance.
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