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Originally Posted by Vinsanity93 View Post
I think I had my first ever episode of sleep paralysis last night...and it happened twice. Felt like I had a succubus trying to suffocate me and I couldn't breathe, the scariest part was not being able to move or "wake up." I knew it was a dream but it felt so real...
It wasn't really a dream, though.

I've had a couple of sleep paralysis episodes, back in my 20s as I recall, and they were EXTREMELY frightening. You're awake--sort of--but you can't move. If this should happen again, just keep telling yourself that you're stuck between sleep and wake--why this happens is a mystery--but you WILL be okay. For some reason, you woke up while in the part of sleep where you're paralyzed. No one dies from sleep paralysis. Just breathe through it and in a few moments you'll be able to move.

I'm glad you're feeling better overall. I can't stress strongly enough how good it is that you're talking about your issues. But, again, a therapist is your best choice for getting actual resolution.
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