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Originally Posted by Szadzik View Post
Samsung sold 18 million S3 units in Q3 2012. We have 88 posts in this thread and if we assume 80% of them are from single users with issues, that gives us a number of 66 users with this problem.

What percentage of users have the problem? Ido not even want to try and calculate this, but it seems the number would be called 'negligible'

Originally Posted by Szadzik View Post
Now subtract all those with defective cards, PCs that break their cards and yo uwill have 20 users here. Let's not suddenly assume that the S3 is resposible for every single card that gets broken out there.
And you think this is the only thread on the entire internet about this issue? Do a Google search. There are lots of threads very similar to this one in various different Android, Galaxy SIII specific, or Carrier forums.

In the grand scheme of things, cards themselves also do not go bad all that often. Yes, they can, but not nearly to extent of what has been posted in this and other threads. And the fact that in many cases, people can put the card in a card reader after it messes up in the phone and reformat it gives me a good clue that the card itself is not going bad. Yes, some people get to the point where they can't even reformat the card with this issue, and that could be a bad card, but I see enough evidence to at least point to a possibility that it MIGHT be the phone causing the issue.

Are you a Samsung employee or something? Why are you so adamant that it CAN'T be a Samsung issue? What stake do you have in defending that it might not be a Samsung issue? Can it hurt for Samsung to at least investigate the issue?
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