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This may not be the right discussion to post this but : lately logging into Google , posting a review and now , logging into youtube all seem to be a little "highjacked by google itself".

Each time Ive logged into Youtube, for example, these pop-ups overlay the main page, not going away unless you make choices. Then, when I clicked the "Send Feedback" so to briefly comment how that lately, logging into a google product keeps redirecting to (as expected) Google features, etc.

But the experience I wantl to post is this, sort of a "reverse-push ad" : After clicking the send icon on the Google Feedback onscreen form,...up pops this non-cancellable message where Google says "Please Wait While We Snapshot Your Screen" Then a status progress bar appears. And this process isnt short and quick.

What the HEY! First off, "W H Y" do they need to snapshot my "screen"? Certinly not to capture the feedback just entered on their form. Makes ou wonder what Google is grabbing or "viewing without accessing and downloading" (i.e. some sort of way to circumvent pc notifications asking user permission to change or access files, for example).
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