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Originally Posted by septembersrain View Post
On the parking note: Since when did people get so lazy they can't even walk a few feet? Ugh.
Hmmmm yes...

This is a tough 1 but not for "Professor Stinky Von Stinky Stein"!!


Yeah bruizer!

I just had a chat with ... "Da proff" and his flawless genius says that the reasons why most of all the 1st world countries have become so fat... slow.... and lazy is very simple he says!

The legendary professor of the Academy of Drokshire said it all started with THIS horrible and nasty little thing:

You see it all started when some random thing (thing / person) asked itself:

"I have HAD IT with breathing oxygen as it is too much work!!!

AND above ALL else... I HATE having to get up off the couch and walk less than a few meters just to turn that wonderful magic box!!"

So that is how thew TV remote was invented ladies and gentlemen.

And also "Da Proff" said something about something like great civilizations all around the globe that come and go and get too powerful and then they get frackin lazy blah blah blah I don't remember the rest because their was a very interesting air molecule that I thought was way more interesting so ja I got distracted a little.

So there we have it!

From the proff's mouth himself!

Out walking me Roach Coach ek se!

Brb in 1 000 years
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