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Originally Posted by TadeoNYC View Post
I made complaints on several Samsung Facebook pages and then endured a one hour chat with a CSR. During the troubleshooting with the CSR the card was briefly recognized but was corrupt and unable to be formatted.

I was actually going to go along with her and do the factory reset so that they would have record of all attempts being made to resolve the problem when the card was suddenly recognized several minutes after a soft reset. Here is the end of the session.

Visitor: I was just about to power the phone down and when the screen opened to settings the SD card has been recognized but it says it is blank or has unsupported files and needs to be formatted!
Valerina: I request you to format the SD card.
Visitor: It won't format. I tried twice and both times it shows it as blank and requiring format.
Valerina: I am sorry to know that.
Valerina: I request you to remove and re-insert SD card.
Valerina: Not to rush you, are we still connected on the chat?
Visitor: yes, i am doing it now
Valerina: Thank you.
Visitor: I have removed the card with the phone off, should I reinsert it now and power on?
Valerina: Yes, please go ahead.
Visitor: Now it is not being recognized again
Valerina: I am sorry to inform you that.
Valerina: As you have already tried with all possible steps to resolve the issue and the issue still persists. The issue might be with Software/Hardware part in the device. As this is beyond the Technical Support, the device has to be examined by the Technicians. To service the device from the Technicians you have to place a Service Request.
Valerina: As we have performed all possible troubleshooting steps and the issue persists, I suggest you contact the carrier or purchase store for any insurance or 30 days exchange warranty or I will be glad in filing a service request to send the device for repair
At least they made an effort, but they shouldn't suggest you to use your insurance for what is obviously a warranty issue.
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