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Originally Posted by Espis View Post
I have recently bought myself an electric bass guitar, and an amp. As I am a die-hard Muse fan, I REALLY want to get some distortion on my bass guitar. But I don't have a pedal. Yet.

However, I do already have a Fender Mustang I guitar amplifier, with several effects built in.
I know that I can't play my bass directly through my guitar amp, but can I safely plug my bass guitar into the guitar amp and then run a cable from the headphone output, into my bass amp? Or will it blow up my guitar amp?
I don't see why you can't plug your electric bass into a guitar amp. Unless it has an integrated preamp in the body, it's pretty much the same high-Z TS plug that most electric guitars use. If anything, I'd think that the output from an electric bass (with its more massive strings) would be greater than that of an electric guitar, which will help you overload the front end for distortion.

You need to remember that guitar amps aren't like loudspeaker amps. They're designed to be driven into distortion. While slapping bass strings at high output volume settings may damage the little 8" driver in the Mustang, the amp itself shouldn't be damaged by driving it into distortion. If you have the model with built-in DSP effects, you can just use one of those to give you a distortion pedal effect without overdriving the amp.
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