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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
I don't think it's that the US has no plan to reduce it's debt. I think it's that the US has no interest in reducing it's debt. Reducing the debt is going to mean taking cuts in all kinds of areas and NO ONE who talks about actual spending cuts is likely to be re-elected.
Cutting spending today does absolutely nothing to pay debts that were run up in the past. Only one thing will reduce US sovereign debt: enough revenue to pay more than the minimum interest payments.

The Republicans are pretending that the only thing to do is to mess with the public trust funds. That's a lie. The trust funds are sacred; untouchable. Harming the poorest, oldest and weakest Americans will solve nothing, and only create more problems.

There are plenty of wasteful spending for war materiel that the US simply doesn't need in a post-Cold War era that we as a nation can do without. The US does not owe defense contractors a living.
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